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Gentlemen, rogues & racers

Are everywhere. Trapped in mundanity and daubed with the expectations of the everyday.

Give us an adventure and we create a story. Some are real and some are "enhanced", but there's always a story.

Gentlemen, rogues & racers are everywhere

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Our Curve watch holders are built by hand from laser cut steel, leather, rubber and topped with a style of their own.
Uniquely adjustable, the Curves allow the rubber section to be formed to fit any size adult wrist and so once set in place you know your pride and joy will just slip on and off.
They're stable too. Felt bottomed and rock solid on desk top, bed side table or even the dining room table if you're really into showing off your timepieces.

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Cottoning on

T-shirts are simply cotton cut to form that turn into memory joggers, story enhancers and records of achievements

Discrete diversions

A little of what we fancy

We can't promise to transform your home but we can give it a nudge, a push, a gentle nod towards just what you need.


We go places, we meet people, we let you know about it.

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