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Gentlemen, rogues & racers

Are everywhere. Trapped in mundanity and daubed with the expectations of the everyday.

Give us an adventure and we create a story. Some are real and some are "enhanced", but there's always a story.

Gentlemen, rogues & racers are everywhere

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The “Statham”

She was a true “safe queen”, too valuable to be touched and therefore hidden from roguish roving eyes. But she needed to travel and see the world – to be set free. She needed serious protection on her travels.

Come meet the 'stath

Cottoning on

T-shirts are simply cotton cut to form that turn into memory joggers, story enhancers and records of achievements

Discrete diversions

A little of what we fancy

We can't promise to transform your home but we can give it a nudge, a push, a gentle nod towards just what you need.


We go places, we meet people, we let you know about it.

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