They're great! But that's just our o'Pinion'

So rough puns aside, Tuesday saw Piers Berry of Pinion watch company come and give a talk and demonstration of his watches to a group of eager GRRUKers.

On a warm summer evening, in a pub, in Swindon we learnt about the Pinion back story which contained a few surprises. Far from being a newbie to the watch scene we learnt that Piers actually cut his teeth running various well known and respected online watch forums, photographed Bremont’s early efforts and really became an accidental watch maker as he learnt more about the business.

Part of the Pinion range

He may have fallen slowly into watchmaking but the output from Pinion is at the top of the game for this price point. You can just see and feel the thought and design that has gone into each watch. From the relatively simple Axis II through to the Revival 1969 (my personal favourite) you can see that Piers and his company care about mechanical quality. The layered dials, the matching of case material to dial colour and the fact that the straps are made at a rate of about 4 a week(!) shout detail and care.

The watches use new-old-stock sourced from Switzerland and are a mixture of manual wound and automatic movements. The highly polished version of the Revival 1969 we saw was stunning with the movement clearly visible beating away through the display case back. Limited to 100 pieces, you’ll need to get your skates on to grab one of these future classics.

Revival 1969 movement

One of the obvious favourites amongst the GRRUKers was the Pure Bronze which was passed from wrist to wrist as photos were taken. The matching of the bronze case and layered dial really did draw the eye and there were a lot of “mmmmms” of appreciation as it was tried on.

So if you are looking for a high quality timepiece with “England” stamped on the dial and a hint of rarity then be sure to check out Pinion’s website or why not visit one of Pinion’s Apex London events where you can get hands on with a classic?

Pinion website
Pinion Apex London hands on