About Gentlemen, rogues & racers

The Rogue bit

OK first things first.  In our world a "rogue" is not a bad person.  He (and it's usually a "he") is the kind of man who'll turn up late to the pub, forget his wallet and then spend the rest of the night regaling you with stories whilst you buy the drinks.

And at the end of it you'll have been so entertained that you'll think he's the one who's been short changed.

As for Gentlemen and Racers, we're assuming you're ok with them?

Who are we?

We are Gentlemen, rogues & racers (or GRRUK for short). Situated in the Cotswolds, a stone's throw from the Prescott Hill Climb circuit, a slightly further stone's throw from Castle Combe race circuit and a frankly exaggerated stone's throw from Silverstone race circuit.

We love cars, racing and watches....and so have decided to curate a selection of related items here on our site.  Some are ready to go but some are custom made to order so please be patient if your order takes a little longer to arrive.  Email or call us and we'll get things going as quickly as we can.

If you need to get in touch then our details can be found here.

Thanks for your interest and hopefully your custom.

As British Airways nearly says "To drive, to serve"