The “Statham2”

She was a true “safe queen”, too valuable to be touched and therefore hidden from roguish roving eyes. But she needed to travel and see the world – to be set free. She needed serious protection on her travels.

Cotton stories

T-shirts are simply cotton, cut to form. But wear them on a journey and they become a story. A wearable history of your adventure.


We're Gentlemen, rogues & racers.  Based in our studios in the Cotswolds we source and sometimes produce interesting things for Gentlemen, rogues and racers to peruse and hopefully purchase.

We also write a bit.

We love to hear your feedback

"Just received my t-shirt, thank you so much I love it"

Mr Parsons, York

"The t-shirt is fab thanks, love the packaging too"

Nick, Bristol

"Received the t-shirt this morning....love it. Thank you. "

Steve, Rochdale


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